Student Organizing Solutions

As a parent of five children, there were many days when I questioned whether or not some of my kids would make it through school and grow up to be happy and fulfilled adults. Those were the days when:

Helen Bispels, M. Ed., ACC

Helen Bispels, M. Ed., ACC

  • a project was due the next day that hadn't even been started -- it's 10pm and I hear, "Mom! Where do we keep the posterboard?"
  • there were 10 tardies for the marking period and we only live 1 block from the school
  • sitting to play video games for hours wasn't a problem but studying for 10 minutes was
  • homework wasn't done because "the teacher doesn't check it every day"
  • things were missing --"Mom, do you know where my soccer cleats are? my backpack? my favorite jeans? my laptop? my phone charger? my car keys? . . .
  • the report card showed poor grades including an F in gym

I tried everything I could think of to help: talked to teachers, monitored homework, created a central calendar, showed them how to organize their stuff so they could find what they needed. I was an educator for more than 15 years so I thought I knew what to do but I still found myself nagging, yelling, and some days just giving up.   

Student Organizing Solutions (SOS) was started to support families like mine to help their children do their best in school and in life. Our goal is to make it possible for children to become capable and confident in their ability to succeed. Let us help your family.